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          ●  Sale service

          Compile and sign technical agreements, product design and production
          1. After the signing of the contract, the buyer's technical specifications will be taken as the blueprint, the corresponding technical agreement will be compiled, and the technical specifications will be supplemented, perfected and refined to become the actual implementation technical documents of the technical specifications, which will be executed after the buyer's approval, and the technical agreement will be used as an annex to the equipment order contract.
          2. Within the shortest time after the signing of the technical agreement, our factory will submit to the buyer a list of standards for the design, manufacture, assembly, installation, commissioning, acceptance, testing, operation and maintenance of the contracted equipment for confirmation.
          3. After the signing of the contract, 2-3 persons engaged in pump design for many years will be assigned to design the construction drawings of the products. According to the basic design documents provided by the buyer, relevant technical information of the products will be provided, and the buyer's approval will be ensured as the output documents of the equipment manufacturing.
          4. Provide the buyer with all the technical data and drawings stipulated in the contract in time, and invite the buyer to participate in the design review of the supplier.
          5. Strictly implement the minutes of meetings or agreements signed by both suppliers and demanders on relevant issues.
          6. For the complete set of equipment purchased by the buyer related to the contracted equipment, the factory will actively provide the technical conditions and information to meet the requirements of the equipment interface.
          7. In technical design, our factory optimizes design, strives for perfection, and cooperates closely with design institutes and users to ensure the smooth development of design work. If the design institute has the need to change and the user has the special need, our factory will try its best to meet its requirements, and try our best to coordinate the cooperation with all parties.
          8. Take full responsibility for issues related to the supplier's supply, quality, equipment performance and technical interface services. The subcontractor of key components must be evaluated and submitted to the buyer for approval.
          9. Provide relevant departmental standards and drawings to the supervisory and manufacturing units in accordance with the provisions of the contract, and provide convenience for supervisory and manufacturing. Notify the buyer and the supervisory representative of the inspected points of the supervisory and manufacturing equipment in advance according to the stipulated time.
          10. To inform the buyer and the supervisory representative of the quality defects that occur in the process of equipment manufacturing without concealing them.
          11. In the manufacturing process, we will fully cooperate with the arrangement of drawings review, product supervision, inspection and acceptance and other stages of work, so that all work before the product shipment can be carried out in an orderly manner.
          12. Manufacturing of products, testing, inspection and compliance with relevant standards of materials and products. Material importation shall be carried out strictly in accordance with technical agreements and relevant labels, and careful inspection shall be carried out on a case-by-case basis. The dimensions of the components must meet the requirements of the drawings and be within the prescribed effective tolerance size range. For the inspection of the main parts processing process, the first inspection, patrol inspection and completion inspection must be carried out in each process. For the buyer participating in the site verification point, our factory will notify the buyer of the plan 20 days in advance. When the buyer fails to give up notice in writing and the buyer's representative fails to arrive in time, the seller should wait 72 hours. If the buyer's representative has not arrived at the site after 72 hours, our factory can carry out the relevant quality control activities of the control point on its own according to the regulations. For the buyer's witness activities, our factory provides the convenience of entering relevant workplaces, witnessing from the source and consulting relevant information.
          13. Inspection and Acceptance - The factory may send a written acceptance application to the buyer after the completion of all manufacturing, inspection/testing, preparation of all materials and closure of all non-conformities in accordance with the quality assurance procedure. The factory acceptance will be carried out according to the acceptance guidance document prepared by the buyer that meets the contract and related technical requirements and is approved by both parties, namely the factory acceptance outline. The main contents of acceptance and acceptance usually include the performance test witness of the equipment before leaving the factory, the supply integrity verification of the equipment and its accessories and spare parts, the inspection of the appearance and size of the equipment, the size of the installation interface, the inspection of packaging and labeling, the delivery documents of the manufacturing process (material certification, inspection records, test report, process evaluation, non-conformity processing documents, qualification certificates). For examination, our factory will submit drawings, document integrity checks and so on.
          14. After acceptance and acceptance of the contracted equipment, the factory shall pack it in accordance with the relevant packaging technical requirements and relevant documents in this contract and its annexes, as well as the relevant national standards. Packaging shall ensure that the contracted equipment is in good condition during transportation and storage, and shall take such measures as moisture-proof, mildew-proof, rain-proof, rust-proof, corrosion-proof, vibration-reducing, shock-proof and pollution-proof. This is the case. The buyer has the right to send representatives to the factory and the place of shipment to inspect the packing quality and supervise the loading situation. If the buyer's representative fails to take part in the inspection in time, the factory has the right to deliver the goods. The above representative's inspection and supervision cannot exempt the factory from its contractual responsibility. Where the goods are damaged or lost due to improper packing or storage in our factory, whenever and wherever they are found, once confirmed, the seller will be responsible for timely repair, replacement and corresponding liability for breach of contract as stipulated in the contract. In case of damage or loss of goods in transit, the factory shall be responsible for negotiating with the shipping department and insurance company. At the same time, the Seller shall make up the goods to the buyer as soon as possible to meet the needs of the construction period.
          15. When the goods arrive at the site, our factory will cooperate with the buyer to organize open-box inspection within the shortest time to inspect the quantity, specifications and appearance quality of the goods. If the seller fails to arrive at the site on time or abandons participating in the open-box inspection, the buyer has the right to open-box inspection by himself. The seller acknowledges the inspection results and records. The buyer carries out box-by-box inspection according to the packing list provided by the seller. If any damage, defect, shortage or non-conformity of the equipment due to the reasons of our factory (including transportation, packaging, etc.) is found during the on-site open-box inspection, after receiving the inspection notice from the buyer, our factory shall complete the repair or replacement of defective equipment and/or reissue the shortage parts as soon as possible in accordance with the provisions of this contract. The cost of repair, transportation and insurance shall be borne by our factory (including the cost incurred by the buyer for repairing the damaged/defective equipment with the seller); if the damage or shortage is caused by the buyer, our factory shall repair/replace the damaged parts or provide supplementary parts as soon as possible after receiving the buyer's request for repairing/replacing or replenishing the supply, but the cost shall be borne by the buyer.

          16. During the validity period of the contract, the factory will provide timely technical guidance and technical cooperation services related to the installation, commissioning, operation, overhaul and safety and quality inspection of the contract equipment according to the needs of the buyer. Our factory will spare no effort to provide documentation, technical support, suggestions and on-site supervision services, and take responsibility for the correctness of technical guidance and documentation provided and the quality of on-site service. During the warranty period, our factory will provide spare parts, special tools and parts that need to be replaced during the service life free of charge. During this period, the factory will send representatives to the site to provide technical services according to the buyer's requirements, guide the buyer or the buyer's contractor to install and debug the contract equipment, and be responsible for solving the manufacturing quality problems found during the installation and debugging of the contract equipment. The technicians assigned to the site service by the factory should be healthy and competent personnel with practical experience. The buyer has the right to propose the replacement of the non-conforming vendor's site service personnel. The vendor should re-appoint qualified service personnel according to the needs of the site. Our factory will provide the buyer with the information sheet of service personnel to clarify the responsibilities of service personnel. Service personnel will complete on-site work including equipment delivery, cargo open-box inspection, equipment quality management, product installation, free product commissioning, trial operation and performance acceptance test. Before installation and debugging, the service personnel will make technical presentation, explain and demonstrate the procedures and methods to be carried out with the buyer, and handle the technical and commercial problems arising on the site with full authority. Secondly, in order to enable the normal installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and repair of contract equipment, besides providing the corresponding installation and maintenance instructions, our factory will train the buyer's equipment operators on the spot, so that the buyer can understand the performance and maintenance of the product in detail, and ensure that the training content is in agreement with the progress of the project.

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